Reflect on the problems that you experienced in your life. It may be negative emotions, broken relationships and all other things dimming your happiness. You may be tired of waking up every day doing the same routine only to go to a job that you dislike. It’s not fun to think about it but why are you tolerating it?

Once you consider the choice not to tolerate whatever it is that’s been bothering you, your life will begin to change. If it is the job, you’re struggling with then find a new job and start doing new things. If you want to change in some way and want to feel more fulfilled, remember that you could do so. You just need to be willing to tolerate less of the things that you do not benefit from. In that way, you can get more of the things you want. Nobody else is going to make your life better for you. After all, everybody already has their own life to deal with. In wanting to achieve your dreams and live a better life, you must accept the fact that all the responsibility to do fell on you.

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