There’s a bible verse that says when you can be trusted with small things, you can also be trusted with much but whoever is mendacious with little will also be untruthful with much. That’s why when you do that one thing it shouldn’t be taken for granted because it’ll reflect on how you do everything. If you’re indolent at home, there are chances that you will be lazy at school, work, or in everything that you do in life. Or if you are disloyal or unfaithful to your business partner then your business together will not grow and not just that, there is also a chance that you will have a failed marriage or failed relationship with your family or even friends because you develop a habit of being disloyal and unfaithful.

Everything that we do whether small or big, impacts the conception of life we want to live. The way you perform the small task that you have has an impact on the way you do the big ones. For example, when you’re cleaning your house, but you couldn’t finish it because you’re too tired already, how can you finish the task your boss gave you if you’re easily getting tired? But if you put all your effort into a small task like cleaning the house, you will be able to perform big tasks with success. Always consider the way you perform small tasks then you will know how much more you are able to do big tasks with excellence.

Give what you can, and disregard cutting corners and perform everything thoroughly and place quality first. I’m not stating that everything needs to be perfect because when you are aiming for perfection, there’s a possibility of you being pressured. What I mean is just do everything that you’re capable of and don’t just settle for being good enough. Soar high and do everything you can with excellence.

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