When you wake up in the morning, do you feel passionate about the challenges and opportunities you’re about to face?  Unfortunately, most of us are not only dispassionate about the work we do, but we often find ourselves shifting from that internal voice that challenges us to consider a world of boundless possibilities to one of self-talk and disbelief.  If we do not learn how to tap into what we’re passionate about, we certainly allow others to influence the choice, path and the route we take. As a result, we will lose any connection or the sense of purpose to and with it, lingering doubts about the value we create.

Talking about being passionate in everything we do is about that sense of passion that exists in all of us which fuels our drive to be a part of something greater than our personal aspirations. It is that part in us which we use to gauge whether our lives matter because we’re making a difference in the world by doing things that has a purpose and meaning. Tapping into your passion brings a true meaning of life that channels you to serve your purpose that you can use your best qualities to inspire yourself and other people and make the world a better place.

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