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My name is Tera Elizabeth Chapman. I am a Life , Health, and Business Leadership Development Coach from Harvard University Business Extension School. I work with overwhelmed entrepreneurs and businesses to create systems that streamline their lives and businesses in order to save them both time and energy. I guide individuals by helping them to prioritize what matters the most in their lives and help them to reach Business goals by illuminating their lives, creating balance within their work/life. IJOT WEALTH Coaching creates an automated system that allows people to delegate better and develop strategies to help balance and find a precise area of alignment to focus on creating endless growth possibilities. These systems help prohibit individuals from becoming overwhelmed and burnout while shifting into our passions and purpose. They impact us with all we need, enabling us to create systems in our mind and impact us with the right synergy that allows us to create the lives of our dreams!!!

My Inspiration

Life at times can be challenging and overwhelming; you can lose meaning, peace, happiness, and your self-esteem. Stress was a big part of my life as I had suffered from depression throughout my life not truly understanding what it was or the role it played in my life. In 2006, I lost the father of my first three oldest children to a violent murder. This was one of the hardest things I would have ever had to go through and from that point I knew I had to get out and make a difference not only for me but for my children. A few years later ,at the age of 23, I suffered from a stroke. At this time, I was a single mother of 4 ; suffering from depression and anxiety without treatment or help simply because I felt like there was nothing I could not do to help or fix it. Through this ,I kept faith and prayed for healing and the strength to get through my hardships.

This is when I found a system to align my values and heal from my past. I can say that the hard times I went through created a motivation for me and motivated me to help other people who could be going through what I went through or who could be in even harder situations.

Today I have found happiness within myself and known how to put my energy into what matters most.

What I believe

I believe in Change “You can become what you would like to be. You can heal from your past and achieve more than what you ever imagined. It only takes a change of mindset”. All that I have encountered in life created a motivation for me, and I admired to utter a word of encouragement to anyone out there who could be going through what I have gone through. With all that I have experienced I am a Certified Master Life, Health and Business Leadership Coach who has created an impact in the lives of many who have experienced the same as me. I would love to create a system to help you find a healthy work life balance, as well as set your values into alignment with your goals!

I believe in Change. Almost everyone in life made a wrong choice or experienced hardships that they felt that they did not deserve. Second chances give us an opportunity for a change. I believe in impacting that change into someone's life for everyone has the capability to change. The ability to rediscover oneself and make a progressive turn is what drives me to help people lead a purposeful life. An intentional kind of life is the one that one has discovered who they are, their passions and what they can achieve and setting the right measures to achieve their dreams. ‘Happiness is a state of mind.’ I have a strong belief that everyone deserves a happy life, away from regrets and full of success. Success is a mindset, and for anyone to experience it, they must think of it first!

What I do

Coaching is a process full of growth, finding direction and purpose to help explore one's beliefs, values, strengths, and limitations or should I say the lack of limitations. I am, therefore, the founder of IJOT Wealth Coaching. This is a platform that creates an environment for individuals to share whatever matters the most to them.

More than this, I help individuals to achieve their maximum potential, defining and following their goals, changing attitudes, exploring perspectives, improving performance, strengthening relationships, and simply recognizing what part of life is unfulfilled and bringing fulfillment in it. An incredible period of learning at Harvard. In Cambridge (USA) I was in contact with the latest techniques, methods and theoretical foundations used by great professionals working with mentors and consultancies focused on leadership development. When I talk about leaders, I don't just mean the people who lead companies and organizations, but also the people who really want to be leaders of their own lives. I am very happy to have improved my mentoring method at one of the best universities in the world and continue helping people to achieve the best version of themselves. Seeking new knowledge is something that is part of my essence and sharing what I learn and experience is part of my life purpose.

My Mission Statement

I work with overwhelmed entrepreneurs and businesses to create systems that streamline their lives and businesses, in order to save them both time and energy. I guide individuals by helping them in prioritizing what matters the most in their lives and help them to reach business goals illuminate their lives creating balance in their work/life. IJOT Wealth Coaching creates an automated system that allows them to delegate better and develop strategies that help balance and find a precise area of alignment to focus on creating endless growth possibilities. These systems help to prohibit individuals from becoming overwhelmed from burnout while shifting into our passions and purpose. They help us create a road map through the mind allowing us to explore all aspects of devolving our synergy into making the lives of our dreams!!!

I am a master Life, Health and Business Leadership Coach who is passionate about changing people's lives for the better!

My Timeline

I am passionate about changing people’s lives by guiding them into setting the right goals in life, discovering their potential, and working towards achieving what they are passionate about. I have a program through which I take individuals through one-on-one coaching sessions. Some of the Topics I handle include.

Education - 2019

Harvard University Extension School

Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services.

Education -2018

Harvard University

Business and Leadership

Education 2010-2013

Westwood College Northlake

MBA, Business Marketing Management

Work Experience April 2020- present.

Rags N Riches RNR LLC

Founder & CEO

Work Experience - November 2018- present


Master Life Coach

Work Experience - November 2018- present

Intellectual Jewels of Tera Communications LLC

Chief Executive Officer

Work Experience - January 2006

National Federal Government Grant


Non-profit Sector


Whenever we made a choice or took a stand, we both encounter personal and interpersonal pressures to behave consistently with our commitment. Every pressure we experienced will possibly cause us to reply in means that justify our previous decisions.

When you finally mastered delegating the task well, you are now creating an environment that is full of trust, loyalty, and dedication with your staff or co-workers. So have that courage to pass the job to someone who knows how to perform it. I know it’ll not be easy at first but as you take one step at a time, you will master being a delegator.


As you know your value as a person and standards in life ,you will not settle for anything less because you know that you are made to do more than what you are capable of doing. Focus on the good things in every situation that you face no matter how hard or painful it is, always see the good in every circumstance. Have time to positively affirm yourself every day rather than focusing on your mistakes. And learn to count your blessings and appreciate what you have.

The thoughts in your mind is a very powerful thing. It can bring you down, and it can also build you up. When you are stressed, you are being tempted to focus on everything that are difficult, that’s going off beam in your life. Nevertheless, thinking positively can give positive effects on your mood.


Being consistent is somehow not that easy to do and it’s also not easy to see a difference from your actions but as you make a progress for many years, you will grow to have a happier, fulfilling, and abundant life because of being consistent through the process. Learn to have consistency in your life and set directly your gaze on what is ahead. Hit LIKE and leave your comment. Love to hear from you!

There is nothing more valuable than having integrity in everything that you do because it’s a characteristic you can cultivate to have a successful and meaningful life.


Changing what you do is not that easy it’s not something you can do overnight because it takes a lot of effort and self-control but if it gives you a better than a good life, why not take a risk for it?

Opinions cannot affect you or bother you unless you accept them. It cannot multiply unless you respond to it as such opinions are not eternal unless you react towards them. They cannot influence unless you contemplate on them. It cannot transform you unless you nurture it. One of the most important things to keep in mind and a way to keep yourself protected from these attacks is to remember that what they say about you is not necessarily about you.

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